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Industry Allied Membership Benefits


This special professional membership program is designed specifically for contractors, engineers, interior designers, technical professionals, marketing professionals, landscape architects, lawyers, real estate professionals, consultants and every professional with an interest in the built environment. Industry Allied Members of AIA Dallas have the unique opportunity to volunteer and work alongside potential clients.

Allied Memberships last for 12-rolling months from start date, and dues are structured based on firm size: 

  • Small Firm: 1-5 employees (includes membership for up to two employees) - $600
  • Medium Firm: 6-24 employees (includes membership for up to four employees) - $1200
  • Large Firm: 25+ employees (includes membership for up to six employees) - $1800



All allied members, regardless of firm size, will enjoy the following member benefits:


  • Use of official AIA Dallas’ Allied Member logo
  • Company profile listing on AIA Dallas | Springboard website
  • Company name listed in AIA Dallas' weekly e-newsletter - opportunity to upgrade, see details below
  • Ten percent (10%) discount on advertising rates in Columns magazine
  • Opportunity to purchase one-time use of member mailing list - opportunity to upgrade, see details below


  • Access to join our 20+ committees where you can participate in special interest groups, design efforts, and work alongside other industry professionals
  • Opportunity to present continuing education seminar at AIA Dallas programs


  • Join AIA Dallas members and other allies at AIA Dallas’ social events, tours, programs, etc.
  • Receive member pricing for AIA Dallas' social events, tours and programs, etc.
  • Annual Industry Allies Breakfast at AD EX with Chapter leaders
  • Opportunity to sponsor/host a committee party
  • [NEW in 2020]  Quarterly Allied Member Open Hours


  • Subscription to AIA Dallas publication: Columns magazine (quarterly)
  • Ten percent (10%) discount on venue rentals at AD EX
  • Ten percent (10%) discount on purchase of contract documents
  • Opportunity to apply for professional development programs such as the renowned Emerging Leadership Program (ELP), and Advanced Leadership Program (ALP)
  • Two (2) AD EX Walking Tour tickets for Small level memberships
  • Four (4) AD EX Walking Tour tickets for Medium level memberships
  • Six (6) AD EX Walking Tour tickets for Large level memberships

The following items are exclusive to our Allied Members, and may be purchased as add-on to the Allied Membership for an additional fee:

  • Company logo linked to your website in AIA Dallas’ weekly e-newsletter - $300.00
  • Member mailing list – one-time use mailing labels - $300.00
  • Upgrade company profile listing on the AIA Dallas Springboard website to include photos and live links to company website - $100

Join as an ally today!