BOKA Powell

8070 Park Lane
Dallas, TX 75231

Job Post Date: August 1, 2022

Senior Construction Administrator

Reports to:

Principal and works in conjunction with Project Manager/Architect/Designer



Oversees and manages construction administration phase on key projects while working in conjunction with larger project team.
Involvement in project documents development phases to assist with quality and coordination of drawings and specifications.
Manages development and improvement of the Construction Administration process, with emphasis on efficiency, quality assurance and timely project closeout.
Directs construction administration activities on projects and monitors projects for construction document compliance.
Position establishes project procedures and conducts problem solving activities, proposal reviews, certification recommendations and conducts/attends regular jobsite meetings, and performs field observations and reporting on key projects.
Accumulates, evaluates and presents feedback information related to necessary changes in construction documents and CA processes.
Initiates document revisions and project reviews, and processes A”IA documents.
Reviews, coordinates and responds to RFI’s and submittals and tracks responses.
Makes substantial completion inspections/determination and prepares certificates with list of deficiencies and other close-out activities.
Position must be able to communicate and coordinate effectively with all team members.
Builds and maintains favorable working relationships with Client, Contractor and all team members.



Degree from an accredited college or university in Architecture or Engineering or equivalent qualification (Construction Management).
Registration Preferred


Senior Construction Administrator – 20+ years of Architectural/Engineering experience with 15+ years of relevant CA experience.

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