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Job Post Date: May 4, 2021

Architectural Intern

Architectural Intern is an entry level position. The Intern will work under a Project Coordinator, Sr. Project Coordinator or Project Architect.


Task Management
o Even at entry level, an Intern should be able to organize and execute tasks assigned to them by their supervisor
o Assigned tasks should be completed accurately and within the timeframes established by the project manager
o With some direction, Interns should be able to navigate and interpret the building codes and ordinances
o Able to coordinate their work product with the other members of the project team
o Able to communicate and do project research with governmental authorities
o Able to communicate and relay information to the project manager from the project consultants

Technical Competence
o Possess a basic working knowledge of building components and building technology
o Technically proficient in the use of Revit and other graphic software applications
o Possesses a basic knowledge of building codes and permitting processes

Professional Development
o Interns are in training and should take every opportunity to advance their knowledge of the Architectural Profession and Building Technology
o Interns should be actively involved in the Intern Development Program and working toward professional registration
o Interns should actively pursue advancement and seek greater responsibility within the firm


An Intern must have a Professional Degree or equivalent degree or training. A-E office experience preferred.


Total compensation for Architectural Interns is based on individual performance in task management, technical competency and timely task completion with accuracy.

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