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Welch Hall architects

820 Exposition Ave.
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Dallas, TX 75226

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Our philosophy is simple…..

to create timeless, lasting, meaningful architecture.

Inspiration is drawn from classic modern architecture. Regional materials, local climate, and surrounding context are fundamental to each project. Honesty of materials, clarity of form, and appreciation of natural light are key to each design. Our hope is that the architecture we are creating today may someday be worthy of restoration by future generations.

WELCH|HALL is a specialized, design based practice, allowing us to give each project the attention it deserves. Our portfolio includes residential, commercial, liturgical and interiors projects. Our project experience includes Mixed-use, Retail, Worship, Museum, Multi-family, Office and Entertainment projects of varying scale, budget and complexity with projects in 21 states.  Our sustainable approach to design includes LEED Certified, Silver and Platinum projects. 



Architecture, Design, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Master Planning, Programming, Project / Program Management, Site Analysis/ Site Evaluating and Planning, Sustainable Design

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