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Purva Design Studio was founded in 2014 in Dallas, Texas by principal architect and owner Purva Jain, who believes that all architectural and interior designs should make a lasting impact on every life they touch. It is this belief that forms the foundation of our company.

At PDS, we believe in the classical principles of scale, proportion, detail and function, and use them to create intentional and meaningful spaces. These foundations are the key ingredients to great design, whether it's traditional or modern. We live by design, and want to create something special and memorable to last for generations. We believe that every project is a new adventure with her clients. Our goal is to let our residential home designs and commercial business designs leave a lasting impact on the lives on every client. It is with this passion that we take on every new adventure - join us for your new adventure! 


Architecture, Building Permit/ Plan Review, Design, Graphic + Environmental Design, Historic Preservation, Interior Design, Programming, Space Planning

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