The Innovation session of the EP!C Series focuses on design and visualization technology within the industry. This session will be broken into two tracks, focusing on Design and Collaboration aspects of the architectural profession. The Design Track will look at design from a macro to micro level, outlining scalable and easily implementable workflow solutions that allow designers to choose the correct tools for any situation - as well as how to leverage new softwares to never compromise on design intent. The Collaboration Track will highlight a few key updates to Autodesk Revit for architects before focusing primarily on Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro, the successor to BIM 360 Design. This portion of the session will elaborate on collaboration with consultants and general contractors from design inception to construction.



April 29 - !ndividual | Resume & Portfolio Workshop

May 27 - !nnovation | Tech & Tools of the Trade

June 24 - !n Situ | Devil in the Details (CA)

July 29 - !ndustry | Business Development for Young Architects

August 26 - !nstill | YP Mentoring Mixer