Do your historic wood windows stick, leak, rattle in the wind, or refuse to stay open? Ignore those advertisements for replacement windows and learn how wood windows can be repaired – conserving energy, the environment and your home’s history.

This introductory lecture and workshop will educate you on why these architecturally significant windows should be saved and how to save them. During the hands-on workshop you will learn how to replace glass panes, use epoxies for proper repairs, replace broken ropes and missing weights, and how to avoid the dangers of lead paint.

Historic preservationist Ron Siebler, winner of a Preservation Dallas Craftsmanship Award in 2016, will share his hard-won knowledge of window repair with the assistance of Dallas Landmark Commissioner Evelyn Montgomery Ph.D.

The morning lecture is open to members and the general public, while the hands-on workshop in the afternoon is open to Preservation Dallas and Dallas Heritage Village members only. If you wish to purchase a membership, please visit