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Sean Guess, AIA

Raised in central Texas, Sean Guess received his M.Arch from Montana State University in 2003. Since founding Faye + Walker Architecture in 2008, Sean and his team have been creating architectural projects at various scales throughout Texas. Influenced by Louis Kahn, Luis Barragan and Peter Zumthor, Sean is committed to his work and champions an attention to detail and contextual sensitivity for the firm’s projects. Sean shares a home he created with his wife Cybil, daughter Marlo and son Louis, all of whom endure visits to significant architecture when traveling.

Faye + Walker:

Faye + Walker is an emerging Austin-based multidisciplinary firm working primarily in the medium of Architecture. The vision is to facilitate thoughtful dialog about space, function and individuality. The team works to create spaces that are experienced not just physically or visually, but emotionally and intuitively. Through the design process the team encourages clients to learn more about themselves and how they interact with the built environment. Sean's approach is based on communication, patience, sensitivity and respect. He works collaboratively to achieve simple, unique design solutions. His team is sensitive to the consequences of their work and gives attention to the economic, ecological, social and emotional context of each project.

At Faye + Walker, they strive to look deeper than the images and ideas a client brings to their office. They want to understand the reasons behind choices. They ask their clients to reflect on their predetermined ideas and question them. They want to make sure they create spaces that fit their clients beyond aesthetic or stylistic preferences, beyond basic function. They hope to tap into the intuitive character of their clients and create spaces for them that contribute to their emotional well-being. The team looks to draw out of clients their most honest moments; the moments underneath the influences of specific imagery and the project itself. From these moments the team produces an authentic and truthful space.

Faye + Walker's ideal client is a collaborator. They are ready to engage in a thought provoking process that is based on respect, honesty and communication. They are not afraid to question standards and approach problems in a creative and exploratory way. Sean likes people who are ready to go on the adventure of creating unique and individualized spaces. After the process of learning and information gathering with the clients the team engages in design.




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