Join the AIA Dallas Small Firm Roundtable to tour UTA Community Design Build Lab with Julia Lindgren.  The new design lab was created to accelerate experiential learning and research opportunities. This facility serves as a learning hub for students to apply classroom architecture concepts to tangible and real-world ways. It exists at the intersection of learning and doing – a venue where the application of knowledge meets community resiliency.

TOUR LEADER:  Julia Lindgren
Julia Lindgren, is a trained architect, builder and urban thinker with experience directing programs across public and private sectors in New York City, Philadelphia, Dallas and Brownsville. She is guided by the belief that true equity can only be achieved when residents and community stakeholders work together to shape their surroundings. Julia works daily in partnership with marginalized communities including low-income, immigrant and black and brown communities to solve complex urban problems through the thoughtful act of design and making.


Meet at the Lab at 11:45am for a noon tour.  A map is available below.