Positive Energy’s Performance Consulting services allow the architectural team to bring definition to concept. Whether by testing assumptions in baseline Passive Systems service, programming the project’s mechanicals in Active Systems, comparing options in our Resilient Systems service, or bringing certainty to the enclosure in their Passive Systems+ service, they help architects make informed decisions when the design is still fluid. Their deliverables have been developed to inform and optimize a project’s architectural strategies starting at the beginning of conceptual design phase. Their suite of objective analyses powerfully impact massing, orientation and fenestration decisions, and thus the long term outcomes of the project. Optimizing design performance before exploring mechanical system options will result in better outcomes for health, comfort, resiliency, cost, and efficiency.

Positive Energy also provides Residential MEP Services.  Firmly rooted in building science and with an eye towards innovation and collaboration, they are rethinking the traditional paradigm of MEP design engineering (aka the baton pass approach). Positive Energy recognizes that human factored building design is the new normal and our engineering . All too often the status quo does not give the invisible aspects of great design, such as clean, dry, filtered air and thermal comfort, and the systems that deliver the thoughtful attention they merit. Whether Integrated Mechanical Design, High Performance Plumbing, or an Electrical Master Plan, each of their MEP services takes its conventional, commercial counterpart and offers a deep level of design integration.

Positive Energy's motto, “Design around people, a good building follows,” is based on a sympathetic understanding of environmental design impacts, enclosure systems, construction practices, and human physiology. They have years of experience and know-how on integrating into the architect's design processes to support the vision of the project from concept to completion.