A.GRUPPO architects was founded in 2005 by Andrew Nance and Thad Reeves.  From the outset, the office has been positioned as a vehicle for collaboration between themselves and other designers, architects, fabricators, and most importantly, clients.

A.GRUPPO engages in a broad range of project types and scales from intimately detailed interior "installations" to large scale master plannign and speculative development.  Thoughtful solutions to these "design problems" are informed by ongoing research in the ever-changing landscape of project delivery and tectonics.  The quest for mastery of spatial articulation through light, materiality and composition is the key to attaining the transcendent experiential quality of Architecture.

There are a wide variety of issues impacting the practice of Architecture today.  Technology, economics, and sustainability all shape the way architects engage the process.  Firm leaders believe the ongoing discourse of Architecture is a critical component to the process of practicing in the field.  At A.GRUPPO, the team is constantly mindful of this and value the "conversation" between architect and client as a necessary ingredient for the development of quality projects.



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