The course discusses the critical role that the building enclosure plays into providing a comfortable interior environment from multiple environmental factors. It will discuss how integrated systems need to be to function effectively. These systems have unique levels of sophistication that are not readily apparent. Discussion of different element schemes on the façade highlight performance functions. Case Studies will explore some implemented schemes and problem -solving applications.

PRESENTER:  Dudley McFarquhar, PhD, PE

Dr. McFarquhar has 27+ years of experience as a building enclosure specialist and is owner of McFarquhar Group Inc, an engineering consulting firm in Waxahachie, Texas. He has taught courses in the Civil Engineering Department of Texas Tech University and has extensive experience in engineering consulting and design, forensic investigation, building repair/restoration of building exterior enclosures and related litigation support. Dr. McFarquhar is a published author and engineer-of-record for cladding on several commercial projects within the US. He has performed engineering and consulting on several projects in the Far East, Europe, Central and South America. He is active in ASTM, ASCE, AEI, GANA, BETEC and has held many chairperson positions on technical committees.