A discussion of the origins of building codes, the fundamental objectives of the building codes, how the codes acheive those objectives, and how the building codes affect the financial viability of architecture firms.

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Presenter:  Todd Gritch, FAIA, FACHA, CBO, LEED AP

Todd is the principal director of life safety for HKS. Over the last 39 years, he has dedicated his career to improving the profession by writing and speaking extensively on life safety. “I never met a problem I did not want to fix, and codes and standards seemed to be the greatest challenge for me in the field of architecture and design,” said Todd. He is a former member of the AIA National Codes and Standards Committee and a leader of the AIA’s task force on accessibility. He assisted in the development the AIA’s “Guidelines for Construction and Equipment of Hospitals and Medical Facilities.” The AIA appointed him to represent the Institute on the board of directors of the National Fire Protection Association and he is a founding member of the American College of Healthcare Architects. The National Institute of Building Sciences asked him to author the chapter on atria systems for their “Whole Building Design Guide.” He is the only architect of the five safety professionals selected by the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs to advise the Secretary on fire, life safety and seismic issues.