Provides an in-depth look at below-slab moisture and vapor protection. The program will examine building material failures, concrete degradation, property loss, negative health effects, and the liability associated with below-slab moisture intrusion. Moreover, the seminar is designed to update attendees on current standards and recommendations from ASTM, ACI, and PCA, as well as flooring and concrete experts from the industry. Questions about vapor retarders vs. vapor barriers, the use of poly/Visqueen, the location of the vapor barrier, radon gas, concrete moisture testing, concrete drying, and effective installation will all be addressed.

After attending the session, attendees will know how to design an overall system to help prevent moisture related problems such as: floor covering failures, mold issues, concrete drying concerns, and much more. Attendees will learn about the most recent standards and industry-expert recommendations in the Vapor Barrier industry, including ASTM standards, ACI recommendations and contributions to sustainable construction. In addition, attendees will know and be able to explain the difference between a Vapor Retarder and a Vapor Barrier and know how to specify each.

PRESENTER: Shelley Balo, Stego Industries, LLC
Shelley Balo is a Regional Associate for Stego Industries covering all of North Texas, North Louisiana, and Oklahoma as part of the South Central Area Sales Team.  She has 8+ years’ experience in the construction industry working alongside design professionals and contractors on below slab protection from moisture, subterranean termites,  and soil contaminants.    Shelley is a graduate of Baylor University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Minors in English and Spanish.