Steel Doors & Windows

An introduction to steel fenestration, its history, uses and benefits.

Learning Objectives:

After exploring real-world case studies and participating in interactive discussions, you'll come away with a greater understanding of:
1. Why steel? - participants can expect to learn the very basics of steel. This topic introduces steel, why and where it is used prominently today. This includes residential, institutional, and commercial buildings.
2. Benefits of steel - participants can expect to learn why steel is such a useful material when building. This topic covers the benefits of steel.
3. Different types - participants can expect to learn about the different types of steel. The two most common types are hot rolled and cold rolled steel. It also covers more history of steel.
4. Unique features - participants can expect to learn about the unique aspects of steel. This includes its versatility and benefits.
5. Capabilities - participants can expect to learn the unique possibilities that can be achieved from using steel. This means pushing the envelope of design and engineering, while allowing for custom shapes.
6. Timeless - participants can expect to learn about the longevity of steel. Steel windows are hardly ever replaced and will never go out of style.


Mike Haggerty has been involved in the building industry for the 17 years and is currently the Territory Sales Representative for Riviera Bronze. He has been involved in multiple building products and primarily focused on the fenestration industry for the past 9 years. He has hands on knowledge of both the technical as well as the application features of fenestration use.