Kingspan Light + Air would like to invite you to attend our lunch and learn program. In this presentation, the presenter will explore the many benefits of various daylighting strategies and material options for successful project planning. By incorporating daylighting into projects, architects can create innovative environments that not only improve the health, safety and welfare of occupants, but can also meet sustainability goals for a brighter future.

Learning objectives:
1. Learn about the benefits of natural light, how it can improve occupant well being and meet sustainability goals of the building.
2. Examine how daylighting design strategies play a large role in successful projects.
3. Learn about different daylighting methods including wall systems, skylights, canopies and tubular daylighting devices.
4. Review glazing options in more detail, from glass to translucent polycarbonate multi-wall and fiberglass reinforced polymer panels.
5. See innovative project examples and unique designs utilizing these daylighting systems

Presenter:  Miya Russell, Architectural Solutions Director, Kingspan Light + Air

As an architecture major with a deep understanding of complex interior and exterior building envelope systems, sustainability, and design, Miya Russell has built an impactful career in the building materials industry as an Architectural Solutions Director. For more than 15 years, Miya has proactively identified current market trends and potential opportunities for innovation through partnerships with architects, contractors, distributors, and building owners. With her extensive knowledge in building system components, she has often been called to provide technical assistance during design and construction planning phases.

Today, Miya is a sought-after speaker who shares her knowledge with a variety of audiences that include architects, designers, and specifiers on topics in Architectural Daylighting and Sustainability.

Miya earned her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Michigan. She is also a LEED Accredited Professional.