Folding Door Systems: Enhancing Interior & Exterior Open Spaces

This course provides an overview of the design capabilities and possibilities of folding doors that transform and enhance open spaces while balancing energy efficiency and fresh air ventilation, in residential applications.

Topics Discussed

  • Introduction to folding door systems
  • Configuations and Components
  • Types of systems and design solutions
  • Installation
  • Testing and certification
  • Green Design

About the presenter, LA CANTINA DOORS, represented by Chase Clark, Territory Manager

LaCantina is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing large opening door systems. Dedicated to creating products that open spaces, our focus in developing and refining these products has resulted in the most innovative and comprehensive range of doors and windows available.

Using the same signature profiles, our Folding, Sliding and Swing systems provide a perfect match for a complete door package. Architects, homeowners, and builders are free to innovate their space with the same quality, performance and value. Designed and made in California, LaCantina Doors have contributed to award-winning projects ranging from residential, commercial, retail, education facilities, resorts and more. Backed by an industry leading warranty, our products are the preferred choice when it comes to open spaces.


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