Featuring wearable designs from 24 HKS offices from Singapore to San Diego (and their headquarters right here in Dallas), TRASHION is a part of HKS' annual weeklong sustainability initiative, bringing innovative design and construction tactics into practice.

The garments take their inspiration from a wide range of styles and cultural expressions-from the architecture of New York to the deserts of Phoenix, Mexican serape-weaving techniques and the diverse cultures of Singapore, and the jolt from drinking coffee and the flora and fauna of the North Texas region. Construction materials include plastic shopping bags, cardboard coffee cup sleeves and coffee filters, business cards, burlap sacks, bottle caps, and the ubiquitous red plastic cup.

Join us for a special Lunch Learning Session on May 9 as several of the design teams and models of the garments discuss their methods and design concepts. We'll get together with our brown bag lunches at 11:30 a.m. and take another look at the exhibition. The presentations will begin promptly at noon. RSVP to info@DallasADEX.org. Please include LLS-TRASHION in the subject line.