The Latinos in Architecture Network (LiA) is pleased to announce Enlaces 2020! Transitioning from our in-person fiesta to a virtual fiesta, Enlaces will continue showcasing the design skills of our Latino architects, promote their projects within our community and beyond, and help build and strengthen our relationships with other design professionals. LiA is committed to raising greater awareness on social justice issues in our community and finding solutions. To deepen the conversation this year, our keynote speaker, Architect Francisco Gonzalez Pulido, and jurors will discuss how we can use our collective talents as architects to help the disenfranchised in our community and build more equitable cities. Join us for an important discussion of design, justice, and Latino heritage!


Keynote Speaker: Francisco Gonzalez Pulido | FGP Atelier

Born in Mexico City in 1970. In 1991, he graduates from Monterrey Tec with a Bachelors in Architecture. In 1993, he completes his first residential project, a 5,000SF villa in the north east of Mexico. From 1993-1997 he continued to design and develop high-end residential and corporate projects such as a technical training center for General Motors in Mexico City and the headquarters for PriceWaterhouse in Mexico. In 1998, he is accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Design for a Masters Degree. His interest in science, technology, and business took him to MIT and the Harvard Business School. At the MIT Media Lab, he meets the artist Krzysztof Wodiczko, who becomes very influential in his design formation. In 2000, he joins JAHN. 8 years later, he becomes Helmut Jahn’s first partner and in 2012, President of the Company. In the last 10 years of his time at JAHN, he designs a wide range of buildings from pavilions and boutique spaces to stadiums and airports, from speculative spaces and explorations to science buildings and skyscrapers across five continents. In 2017, he founded FGP Atelier. He has been awarded the Green Building Award for the Americas for his Orchid Educational Pavilion in Oaxaca by Architects Newspaper. He recently completed the 20,000-seat Diabos Rojos baseball stadium in Mexico, City and broke ground on a 320M tall tower in Guangzhou, PRC in the summer of 2019. He currently is working on the Felipe Angeles International Airport at Santa Lucia that will handle 24M passengers in the first phase and 85M passengers in the ultimate phase. The airport will serve the Mexico City metropolitan region. FGP developed the master plan for the whole airport complex that will handle 84M passengers per year.

2020 Jurors include:

Krista Nightengale | Better Block, Managing Director

Maria Gomez, AIA | GFF, Principal | 2020 AIA Dallas, President  

Rodrigo Sole | INFONAVIT, Interagency Collaboration Manger

Zaida Basora, FAIA | AIA Dallas, Executive Director 


Congratulations to this year's exhibitors:

24ft3 | Dennis Chiessa, Assoc. AIA

Albuquerque PAC | Eduardo Castañeda, Assoc. AIA

Casa Cuba | Alejandro Castiello, Assoc. AIA, Leonardo Sangri, Mariana Santiago

Elevate | Ricardo Munoz, AIA

Fetch House | Edison Calvopina, Eduardo Castañeda, Assoc. AIA, Hector Zumalacarregui, Hernan Molina, AIA

Field Street District | Adriana Garcia, Francisco Barron, Victor Rodriguez

Grand Praire City Hall | David Sandoval, AIA

Justice Park | Andrea Alvarez

La Casa de Asterion | Dennis Chiessa, Assoc AIA.

Northside Bridge | Eduardo Castañeda, Assoc. AIA

POD 2.0 | Johnny Limones, AIA




Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, donation towards the LiA Scholarship will be accepted in lieu of a registration fee.  

To submit an entry for the exhibition, please visit here. Deadline for submission is end of August.