We often talk about the benefits of alternative modes of transportation, but how many of us have actually navigated the city without our own vehicles as the primary source of transportation? Join the AIA Dallas Communities by Design Committee for the 2nd annual Ditch Your Car Day on Wednesday, May 8th as we walk the walk and leave our personal vehicles behind for the day. Take any mode of transportation you like: bus, light rail, bike, scoot, walk, or—as a last resort—ride sharing, and then meet up with us at Downtown Dallas, Inc. where we’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of mobility in Dallas. Remember to document your journey throughout the day with #DitchYourCarDFW!

Meet Up:

6:00 p.m. Meet us for a FREE happy hour hosted by Downtown Dallas, Inc.
Bank of America Plaza
901 Main Street, Suite 7100
Dallas, TX 75202

From the street level, take the stairs or escalator down to the Lower Lobby and go to the odd elevators for floor 57-69, to get to the 69 floor (aka The City Club) then you will need to transfer to the single elevator marked Downtown Dallas, Inc. to reach the 71st floor. Once you step off the elevator you will see the DDI offices.


Graphic by Connor Peirce, Assoc. AIA