Disaster Action - Coordinator Training

June 23, 2020
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Credit: 3.0 HSW
Architecture & Design Exchange (AD EX)
325 N Saint Paul St., Suite 150
Dallas, TX 75201

Brought to you by: DFW Disaster Action

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The AIA Safety Assessment Program (SAP) (based on the CalOES program) provides experienced professionals who can quickly evaluate damaged structures, identifying those that are safe for occupancy to which people can return, while marking those that are unsafe or have restricted use. CalOES accepts civil, structural, geotechnical, and architect licenses from any state, along with many ICC building inspector certifications. The program works in compliance with ICS, SEMS and NIMS, and has three trainings associated with it. These two are offered by AIA Dallas:

  • Evaluator Training trains civil engineers, architects, and building inspectors to do field evaluations of buildings and other infrastructure for safety. 
  • Coordinator Training trains local government representatives and licensed evaluators on how to estimate the local needs for the Evaluators, how to request them, and how to manage them and the information they gather. 

The Texas Society of Architects has partnered with the Building Officials of Texas to provide second responders when the Texas Department of Emergency Management requests assistance.  Jim Olk serves as the leader of BOAT's disaster response system and will be leading this Coordinator Training session.

PRESENTER:  Jim Olk, CBO, City of Garland