What are the options an architect can offer his/her client for technology that makes the building more desirable for the building occupants and/or users?

The term "intelligent building" has been in use since the early 1980s, yet there is still not a globally accepted definition of the attributes of an intelligent building.  It is becoming increasingly clear that an intelligent building is a connected and efficient building.  A connected building boasts an integrated communications infrastructure that facilitates person-to-person, person-to-machine and machine-to-machine communications within the building and with the outside world using a state of the art intelligent, flexible, wire and wireless platform.  An efficient building leverages a state-of-the art connectivity platform to address key real estate, facilities and IT challenges to improve energy efficiency, space utilization and occupant satisfaction.  Defining Today's Intelligent Building, by Matia Peluffo, Commscope.

Intelligent building design is the future of building industries.  Building owners are just beginning to realize the benefits a fully integrated system can provide in terms of security, convenience, space flexibility, comfort, working efficiency, energy efficiency and cost savings.

In addition to the presentations offered, two tours and two exhibitions will be offered during the day.


Benefits of Identifying Technology Requirements Early (1.0 LU) - William Luisi, Diversified

Improving Facade Designs by Comparing Automated vs Manual Solar Shading (1.0 HSW/SD/GBCI) - Andy Rittenhouse, Somfy Systems

Emerging Technology for Building Interior Environments (1.0 HSW/SD) - Gerald Kettler, Facility Performance Associates

Infrastructure Requirements for Security Technology (1.0 HSW) - Terry King, Guidepost Solutions

When the Theatre Isn't a Theatre (1.0 LU) - Jason Osterman, Altman Lighting for Hossley Lighting

Dynamic Light for the Built Environment (1.0 HSW) - Keith Brown, Bravas


AD EX Audio-Visual Systems, Catherine Bell, Crestron

AD EX Lighting and Shading Systems, Mike Virag, Hossley Lighting


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