The United States has the highest fire losses in terms of both frequency and total losses of any modern society. Architects play a crucial role in designing safer environments that also incorporate efficient fire protection systems. Some of the key ways to mitigate potential fire risks are by specifying appropriate materials, thoughtfully designing the layout and flow of the building, identifying fire escape routes, and in-building emergency communication systems, to name a few design elements. Ideally, the fire strategy is integrated without compromising design sensibilities and vision. By understanding the necessary criteria and the range of choices available, and by taking an integrated systems approach to create a total building fire safety system package, extraordinary and innovative solutions can arise that solve important fire safety problems that are also optimized for the unique design of every building.


Fire-Retardant-Treated Wood and the International Building Code

Modern Masonry - Fire Protection and Enhanced Performance

Occupant Evacuation and Fire Service Access Elevators

Opening Doors to Design Opportunities

...and more


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