Do you know how to compare updates of building codes to previous versions? Join the Codes & Standards Committee to look at building code analysis for various project types. You will have the opportunity to learn a vetted process for comparison, utilize this method for a selected project type looking and hear about the code analysis for all included project types.


  • Introduction:  Shahla Layendecker, AIA, Chief Building Code Administrator, City of Dallas
  • Education Moderator: Daniel Dain, AIA, Huckabee
  • Healthcare Moderator:  Tina Duncan, AIA, HKS
  • Multifamily Moderator:  Jarod Fancher, AIA, Merriman Anderson Architects
  • Parking Garage Moderator:  Donald Henke, AIA, Turner Construction
  • Existing Buildings Moderator:  Renee Powell, AIA, Architexas

Continuing education credits of 1.5 HSW have been approved.