AIA Dallas members, educators, and students are invited to join us for a social hour at the AD EX as the AIA National Committee on Architecture for Education brings its spring conference, Pathways to Opportunity, to Dallas and Fort Worth! Admission is free, but please register to attend.

About the 2023 CAE Spring Conference:

The 2023 Spring conference celebrates AIA’s Core Value of Community: We stand for architecture that strengthens our communities. Join us as we explore a range of educational and civic projects that have a profound impact on the communities they serve, by creating thoughtful and innovative environments.  

We celebrate the unique and diverse history of Dallas and Fort Worth, and the cities that connect and surround them.  As we explore the metroplex, we will experience the cultural diversity of the region through its food, its cultural sights and the learning environments that are shaping future generations.  The metroplex has over 200 school districts and 48 colleges and universities, serving nearly 2 million students, and each striving to innovate and envision a better future for their students.  This spring we will visit institutions that are finding unique ways to provide pathways towards opportunity for the students and the communities they serve.