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You've Got Five Minutes Kid - The "Well-Being" Edition

Eight Design Professionals share their insight on the influence and importance of "well-being" in the profession.

The recent issue of Columns magazine provided a diverse focus on the principles of “well-being” as it relates to design and the profession, a point that will be expanded upon in the next installment of “You’ve Got Five Minutes, Kid" (YG5MK). Hosted by AIA Dallas, YG5MK is a coming together of eight design professionals expanding upon a given subject. Past installments focused upon sustainability, young professionals, and urbanity to name a few. For the upcoming edition, “well-being” will be conveyed through individuals with a diverse range of experience and insight.

Alongside a gallery of projects completed by AIA Dallas member firms, the recent issue of Columns outlines some of the discussions that took place during the 7th Windsor Conference in the United Kingdom, uncovering the true diversity concerning this ideal of ‘well-being”:

1. [Design improves when the] building engineer or architect becomes more of a psychologist and less of a technologist. This allows the thought process to move from an understanding how the building affects our physiology to an appreciation of human psychology. This human-centered perspective may be complemented by a fuller understanding of the sensory experience.

2. Well-being is not wholly a technical issue it will always have deeply personal and moral perspectives and these should not be overlooked.

3. Any buildings and its systems can be designed with well-being in mind even when that is not its primary purpose.

4. The science of well-being provides a perspective for designing different sensory interventions.

5. Understanding the relationship between a building and its inhabitants can result in a wider spectrum of design possibilities and outcomes.

6. From an improved understanding of wellbeing and productivity new design opportunities emerge.

Speakers and topics include:

Bobby Vance, AIA | Factory
Andrew Sturm | Cacoethes
Prerana Paliwal | Legacy
Anita Moran, FAIA | Engagement
Michael MacGregor | Nest
Paul Merrill | Light
Susan Hubenthal | Metamorphosis
Denton Wilson | Betterment

We look forward to you joining us on Monday, September 15th at the Dallas Center for Architecture. This event is free and open to the public. The reception starts at 6:00 p.m. and will be immediately followed by the presentations. For more information, and registration, click HERE.