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YP Corner: Spring Feud

An architect, a contractor, an engineer, and an AV consultant walk into a bar...
Frolic to the Foundry for this season's rendition of AIA Dallas Young Professional's Firmily Feud!

In a world swirling with serious issues around seemingly basic body rights and an endless mountain of deadlines, it can be easy to lose yourself in the turmoil of the exhausting and the mundane. This spring's Firmily Feud live game show event brought quite a counterpoint and interdisciplinary revelry to the day-to-day silo we sometimes find ourselves in as architects.

After polishing off a cold one, or two, from behind the bar at the Foundry, we pit the representatives from a number of factions in our industry (contractors, engineers, architects, acoustic/AV/lighting design consultants) against one another. Earlier in the month, we sent out a poll with questions about the big "D" and inside jokes about our favorite drab clothing color (I'm looking at you, Mr./Mrs. All-shades-of-dark-black).  

After many rounds of heckling from the audience, and even a coup against the mighty table of judges on a number of verdicts, our contractor representatives, McCarthy (also very coincidentally our lovely sponsors for the event), emerged victorious in this episode!

Kyle's face says it all -- we're not living this one down for a while.

All in all, our little game show event achieved what we set out to do: bring a few zany, disparate characters together for a night of laughs and a few rounds (pun intended). Hopefully we can carry this whimisical tradition into the future and continue to spark a few laughs and a little fraternity.

Big thanks to our other three participating teams as well: GFF for the architects, Stantec for the engineers, and especially Idibri (multi-disciplinary design consultants), who helped us go digital this year and rigged up our sweet AV!

To anyone who attended this season's rallying edition of AIA Dallas YP's Firmily Feud, we thank you for joining in the festivities and look forward to seeing you at our next gathering, along with your closest mates!  For everyone else, we hope to catch you around and join us on the many activities and networking events we have planned. Check us out on Facebook or follow us on Instagram @aiadallasyp to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world of Dallas's young architects and architects-to-be. We might just have to run an episode two this fall...