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Vote for a Clean Water Supply

On November 5, 2013 the voters of Texas will be asked to weigh in on the future of our clean water supply. As the continuing drought has made clear, clean abundant water supplies are critical to our state’s continued growth.

Over 1,000 people move to Texas every day, and our population is expected to double by 2060. During that time, under current policy, our water supplies are expected to decrease by 10%. Just to keep up with expected demand, Texas must increase its surface water supply by 8.8 million acre feet.  It is critical that Texas plans now to ensure that a water shortage does not choke off our state’s future economic growth.

Proposition 6 will deliver the plan to provide Texas with a reliable, long-term water supply. Proposition 6 creates the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT), a constitutionally dedicated $2 billion fund for the sole purpose of implementing a 50 year state water plan. This plan is based on 16 regional water plans that address the needs of municipal irrigation, manufacturing, livestock, and other water user needs. The funds will come from a one-time critical need withdrawal from our state’s economic stabilization fund. The plan preserves local control of water districts and municipalities over water funds, and does not raise taxes. Proposition 6 passed the Texas Legislature with strong bipartisan support but requires voter approval to be implemented.

2013 is an off-year for elections, when voter turnout is typically light. This makes it vital to show up to the polls and to spread the word about the importance of Proposition 6. For more information, go to click here or contact AIA Dallas COTE.