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Lisa Lamkin

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The Springboard | Roadshow - JUMP IN!

2014 kicked off with an exciting new opportunity to connect with others in the conversation about why architecture matters – our AIA Dallas | Springboard. Now, we are ready to hit the road and come to YOUR space to talk about what’s been happening.

It’s a new day at AIA Dallas! We’re shifting from an organization that focused on professional status, convenience, and information, to one that inspires and provides expertise, achievement, and belonging.

The true power of AIA Dallas is in our members, who, through inspired design, make life better in our city and beyond by:

  • Making sure buildings and environments are good for humans and the planet;
  • Creating things that are worth more than the sum of their parts;
  • Giving back to – and speaking up for – the community.

My passion for the value that AIA membership provides has always been fueled by getting involved. Starting early in my career, I engaged in various committees, learning valuable leadership skills to complement what I was learning at the office, all while having fun! The benefit of that engagement evolved, broadening my horizons and adding skills; truly advancing my career over time. I find inspiration in the incredible accomplishments of my fellow AIA Dallas members, who strive to optimize the human experience today with a deep respect for the future they will build and impact.

As AIA architects, we possess a powerful voice that needs to be heard in our city; a voice that is respected for our collective expertise. With the future of Dallas being widely discussed in our community, our voice is needed to shape our city – now more than ever. A striking example of the conversation can be highlighted by the Dallas Morning News’ coverage of the New Cities Summit convening here in June: "Visions of Dallas' Future - A CANVAS FOR CHANGE." There are many avenues to join this conversation and we want to get started today.

We’re inviting ourselves to have a conversation with you. When can we stop by?