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Jerry Halcomb

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The Art of Teaming & Partnerships for Architects

The farmer and the cowman can be friends…and both WIN!

Over the years, my firm had a number of opportunities to “team” with other firms. This was largely due to our firm's specialization in the planning and design churches across America. Typically, other firms would come to us with projects because they felt our expertise would help them during the selection process. In many cases, our firm would not have known about the project or had the opportunity to be considered for the project without firms reaching out to us.   

Another scenario we sometimes faced as a "small firm" is knowing about an upcoming project, having the design expertise, but having the client think a larger staff would be needed (whether true or not). You always hate to share responsibilities and fees, but it is better to have some of the responsibilities and fees in lieu of none at all. 

This Friday at noon, Small Firm Roundable is sponsoring a session led by Wilkes Alexander, attorney and architect, on "The Art of Teaming and Partnerships for Architects." Come join us to explore the benefits and pitfalls of “teaming.”