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Seeking Mentors and Presenters

The Young Professionals Network Seeking Presenters

The Young Professionals Network is currently looking for subject matter experts on the following topics: “Project Costs, Budgeting, and Construction Estimates,” and “Documenting your Project.” Both topics are under the Project Development & Documentation (PDD), and the Project Planning and Design (PPD) divisions of ARE 5.0. We need our SME’s to lead a presentation/lecture. You do not have to be a member to be a presenter. If you are interested, or if you know someone who might be, please reach out to Shirley Che for more details and guidelines.

Also Seeking Success Teams Program Mentors

Mentors are the key to this program. We will constantly be looking for mentors as new cohorts start every few months. Currently, we are most in need of mentors for the PDD division, kicking off July 23.

  • Mentors Requirements: It is preferred that mentors have passed the division of the ARE that they are volunteering for or have at least taken the exam and understand how to communicate their study strategy. You do not have to be a member to be a mentor.
  • Mentors Commitment: Mentors are required to meet with approximately 10 participants two to three times per each division of the exam for a couple of hours each time. Typically, that averages out to about once every 3 weeks. More meetings are encouraged, but not required. Continuing to mentor through future divisions is also encouraged, but not required. These mentor meetings take place at the AD EX. Meeting style and frequency can be flexible to fit the mentor’s availability.
  • Mentors Training: There will be a mentors’ orientation that includes guidelines, strategies, and what needs to happen at each of the meetings.

Please contact Shirley Che if you are interested in being a mentor for the Success Teams program.

Learn more about these ARE Prep programs here.