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Michael Friebele
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Retrospect of Callison's "RETROSPECT"

On the eve of RETROSPECT 2014, we are reminded at Callison of the purpose behind our participation.

As we come upon the eve of finishing another installation for this year’s AIA Dallas RETROSPECT, we are reminded of the program’s mission and what it means to our office. Callison has participated since 2008, and with each year comes the emergence of a new set of talents within the team that ultimately influences the selection of our exhibit. The work has been, needless to say, very diverse; from the pinball machine in 2008 to a new take on the “Rubik’s Cube” displayed in 2011. The common thread throughout each exhibit focuses upon public interaction as a means of exploring the culture and work of Callison.

RETROSPECT continues to serve the purpose of separating ourselves from our work for a minute in order to take time and reflect upon the year’s accomplishments. The ability to convey these efforts to the community in a thoughtful and engaging manner only adds to the importance and purpose of the hours we put in everyday. The efforts of our team, throughout the weeks leading up to unveiling our piece, are constantly met with a public dialogue that continues to educate and inspire us. Furthermore, RETROSPECT serves as a mechanism to bring the community of designers in our office together to learn a thing or two from each other, but ultimately, to build a common bond that continues to strengthen the culture of our office. We have fun with RETROSPECT and the engagement it creates within the architecture community of Dallas and everyone who comes to experience it.

Please join us in ushering in another year of RETROSPECT alongside AIA Dallas and the community of architecture firms this Thursday at NorthPark Center. The entire display will be up until April 13th. 


Michael Friebele is Associate/Architectural Designer with Callison