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Providing Pro Bono Services During Rebuilding Efforts

Disaster relief and rebuilding efforts often present opportunities for architects to provide pro bono services.

Of course, as with every professional endeavor, it is important that the nature and scope of any Pro Bono Services, and the terms governing those services, be memorialized in writing. The AIA publishes an Owner-Architect agreement,  AIA Contract Document® B106™– 2010, Standard form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect for Pro Bono Services, for use in these circumstances. AIA Document B106™–2010 is a standard form of agreement between owner and architect for building design, construction contract administration, or other professional services provided on a pro bono basis. The architect’s pro bono services are professional services for which the architect receives no financial compensation other than compensation for reimbursable expenses. A table format is provided which the parties use to designate the scope of the architect’s pro bono services and the maximum number of hours to be provided by the architect for each designated pro bono service. If the architect is providing construction phase services, B106–2010 is intended to be used in conjunction with AIA Document A201™–2007, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, which it incorporates by reference. NOTE: B106–2010 is available in AIA Contract Document® software, but not in paper. An interactive B106 form is available free of charge from AIA Document on Demand®.

Of course, there are responsibilities and risks associated with professional services rendered on a pro bono basis. In order to fully understand those responsibilities and risks, in addition to reviewing the suite of tools on the AIA web page, practitioners should consider discussing any contemplated pro bono services with their firm leadership, insurance providers, and legal counsel.