Nicholas McWhirter, AIA
Diane Collier, AIA
Credit: Nicholas McWhirter, AIA

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Personally Recommended: Picks for Most Innovative Landscape Products

In the latest issue of Columns magazine, we profile Diane Collier, AIA, a principal with Collier Galvin Associates, a Dallas-based firm representing manufacturers of site amenities and materials for cities, universities, corporations, and retail environments.

An active and enthusiastic member of AIA for decades, she received her master of architecture degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and her bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Nebraska. An affiliate member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, her passion lies in the intelligent design of urban spaces and enhancement of those spaces using signature materials and furnishings to develop unique, safe, and inviting outdoor environments.

Diane gave us her picks for 10 of the most innovative landscaping products on the market today. see the list below and check out Diane's profile here.

1. Backed “landscape” bench

2. Movable furniture for public spaces.  This chair was made in Paris by the factory who made the original “bistro chair” over 125 years ago.

Photo credit: Stephane Rambaud

3. In many cities, we need to shelter people while they wait for transportation.  These shelters often serve as hubs for transportation and information, while creating a safe space and a landmark for group gatherings.

4. Architectural, light weight fiber cement planters, ideal suited for rooftops - balconies where weight load issues need to be resolved. 

Photo credit: Greenform llc 

5. Stainless steel grid materials can be created in any size or specification and used for many options--from trench grates to column lights to sculptures or cladding material for buildings.

7. Made from rice husks, this product was developed as a hardwood alternative.  It is high strength and is swell, splinter, and crack-free. It also holds its finish. As siding or decking – see website for photographs.

8. Durable exterior bamboo decking and siding products take natural bamboo through a proprietary process that fuses it into a dense, durable, natural product. 

9. Asphalt block pavers – an old yet new idea.  Made from waste, these pavers will last the millennium and can be found in places like New York’s Central Park. 

Photo credit: Hanover Architectural Products

10. This modified wood product goes through an impregnation process and then uses unique resin technology to create a sustainable softwood product from fast-growing trees.