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PIVOTING: Careers in Architecture

When considering an education or career in architecture, you traditionally think of the resulting career path as a linear one – working in a design firm and advancing with gained experience. There are, however, myriad opportunities for professionals with a degree in architecture

who possess abilities to see the big picture, create options for complex opportunities within and beyond the built environment, and utilize creative problem-solving and design thinking skills that can translate well into other professions. On the first Tuesday of each month at noon, join Zaida Basora, FAIA, AIA Dallas Executive Director, on Instagram at @AIADallas for this “one-on-one” series of conversations with those who have made the leap to a successful alternative career path with their architecture background.

Design Education - Oswaldo Rivera-Ortiz, Assoc. AIA

Consulting - Marcela Abadi Rhoads, FAIA

Urban Planning - Evan Sheets

Construction - Charles Buescher, AIA

Public Sector - John Wilson, AIA

Technology - Ricardo Rodriguez, Assoc. AIA

Arts - Kate Aoki, AIA

Non-Profit - Katie Hitt, Assoc. AIA

Product Sales - Celi Sims, Assoc. AIA

Theatre Consultant - Bradley Fritz, AIA

Cultural Institutions - Florence Tang, Assoc. AIA

Public Service - Carolina Yumet


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