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Mobile Architecture

In this premiere event for the AIA TAP (Technology in Architectural Practice) Committee, it was evident that attendees were looking for some serious shared technical knowledge that they could take back with them.

They were certainly not disappointed with speakers Colin Stanley, William Griffing and Charles Coppage. 

With the numerous wireless signals filling the room, attendees pulled out their smart phones and tablets to take notes and check their emails.  Colin Stanley ran through an exhaustive list of apps that could be installed on an Apple and Android devices. His commentary was priceless as he clearly had his favorites but also pulled no punches when certain apps did not meet his expectations. 

Next up was William, with his simple but effective description of how he walked an entire building and made notes for the contractor using only his iPhone.  The overwhelming message was not to fear technology and to save your energy by not carrying tons of drawings when all of this information is already digital and easily accessible.

Finally, Charles started his presentation with a disclaimer that he was a sales guy from Autodesk but his presentation was really just pushing the boundaries of what is possible (with many mobile devices and many software options).  Showcasing the capabilities of cloud-based software, Charles focused on the existing issues of emailing huge files or accessing the most current information anywhere you need it and as quickly as you need it.

To wrap up, Marty Huie did a skillful job explaining his own use for his tablet and how he is able to carry his entire collection of building code books on his iPad for easy access.  With three additional events planned for 2013, it is clear that the collective knowledge of the TAP group will continue to grow.