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Legislative Alert! Oppose SB 219/HB 1418

Contact your State of Texas Representative and ask them to VOTE NO on HB 1418 and contact your State Senator to ask them to VOTE NO on SB 219

SB 219/HB 1418 are companion bills that give contractors and subcontractors unprecedented immunity from contractual liability, which will now fall to building and property owners and almost certainly then to their architects and engineers. In addition, SB 219/HB 1418 unilaterally prohibit parties from negotiating terms in construction contracts to assign risk. No other state has enacted laws that create this type of statutory shield protecting contractors and subcontractors from liability in this manner.

Our TxA legislative team have fought similar provisions over the past several state legislative sessions, but have not been successful this session in keeping  these changes from being voted on. We have allies in engineering and real estate who are also reaching out to their representatives.

Please help yourselves and help your colleagues by voicing your opposition to these bills TODAY.

To quickly find out who your representatives are, follow the link below where you will be asked to enter your home address. A list of elected state and federal officials will come right up (bookmark this page for future reference). When the list appears, click on the Texas House District to get your House representative information, including their email and phone number. Repeat the same steps to find your Texas Senate District