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Latinos in Architecture 2014

We hope you’re enjoying the beginning of spring 2014 as much as we are. The Latinos in Architecture committee is here planning activities to help you enhance your profession through your participation in our committee programs, community service, and educational activities.

My name is David Muñoz and I am co-chairing, along with Gloria Espino,AIA Dallas' Latinos in Architecture for 2014. We had our second committee meeting, and I’d like to extend my gratitude to those that have been attending the meetings. It’s great to have you there, hear your opinions and suggestions. Thank you!

Committee programs.

With your help and participation, Latinos in Architecture 2014 will present three programs this year:
Architecture Book Distribution to Schools, Taller X and Enlaces

We are currently formalizing the dates for the Book Distribution with two DISD high schools. Please stay tuned; we will need lots of people power. Taller X is an initiative from last year. It is a summer program that focuses on teaching the basics of architecture to middle and high school students. This year’s champion is Laura Quintero; she will be in touch with ways you can help make this program successful. Enlaces strengthen your networks by displaying your work at several different venues. Beginning in September (Hispanic Heritage Month), it is a traveling exhibition that raises the awareness of Hispanic architects in the area. If you are interested in participating or helping to organize any of these programs, please let us know at

Community activities.

As part of our support to our community, we are constantly looking for activities that you may find interesting to participate on behalf of LiA.

We recently received a request for designers from bcWorkshop. They are running a program called Little Free Libraries and they need your help in designing library installations in south Dallas. You can find more information on the bcWorkshop website.

Please remember to send us a synopsis and pictures of your participation, so we can share the news on our social media sites.

Educational support.

With 1.7 million Hispanics in the area, Dallas-Fort Worth has the sixth largest Hispanic population in the United States. 40% of these Hispanics are foreign born and 37% are under the age of 18. What does this mean to LiA? It means participation, involvement, and support. Since LiA started, we have been called talk to area Latino students to encourage them to obtain a professional degree. This event is called Annual Career Day. We, will be sending you updates on the schools that reach out to us for our support. The first one is soon - please contact them if you can help.

Independence Elementary School - Annual Career Day
May 9, 2014
Contact: Susan Budilovsky-Robson | 214.727.5168 |

Miscellaneous stuff.

We have a few social media accounts, where you can find our upcoming events. Follow us:
Facebook: Latinos in Architecture Dallas
LinkedIn: AIA Dallas Latinos in Architecture Committee
Twitter: @LiAcommittee

We are looking for bloggers who like to write and have a passion for architecture. Please submit items for our new AIA Latinos in Architecture home page. Learn more about posting to the blog here.

We are also here to help our unemployed members to connect and find their new job. If you know your company is hiring, please send us an e-mail and we will distribute it among our members. I also encourage those unemployed members to come to our meetings and happy hours…you may end up meeting your future boss or future co-worker there. You can also send AIA Dallas a copy of your resume for their book or post one online here.

We are always accepting sponsors. If your company is not one of our devoted sponsors, but would like to become one, send us an email.

I, personally, feel a great satisfaction when I volunteer a few hours of my time. It makes me feel productive to my local community. I also feel I can be a role model for younger generations. I invite you to volunteer this year, give back to the committee, community, or local schools. I ask you to commit to one activity or a few, and feel the rewarding sensation when you contribute your time. We have so much to do and we cannot do it without your support.

Thank you!
David Muñoz, AIA, LiA Co-Chair
AIA Dallas - Latinos in Architecture