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KRob Announces Second Juror

The Ken Roberts Memorial Delineation Competition is pleased to announce it’s second of three jurors for the 2014 competition and awards night, Thomas Series.

Thomas is an architect and founder of the architectural visualization firm, Labtop. He has dedicated himself to the specific issue of visual translation of architecture and urban development through 2D imagery and video. Labtop boasts a diverse global clientele; ranging from local startups to established and international offices; SOM, Renzo Piano, BIG, OMA are all repeat customers.

Thomas’s practice, along with his former teaching at Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris, has positioned him as an active participant in the creative process for hundreds of designs. Thomas has gained insight into a variety of approaches to design by working with design teams across the globe. Learning from these collaborations, he was driven to examine new fields and has formed Sériès et Sériès to further explore and realize his own vision of architecture. Sériès et Sériès has been selected as finalists in a number of competitions including the Keelung Harbor Service Building, Design Boom’s Design for Death and Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor. 

The KRob committee and AIA Dallas are thrilled to have the skills and perspective of Thomas aboard for KRob 2014!