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From the Desk of an Architect: Kyle Kenerley, AIA

Kyle Kenerley, AIA, shares his home office and tips for working from home this week for "From the Desk of an Architect"! Plus, take a private tour around Kyle's desk...

What is your favorite/most meaningful object at your workspace?

Hard to say. That feeling can change day to day. But currently it is my super sweet Green Lantern mug that a co-worker got me for a Christmas gift exchange. They knew he was my favorite superhero and the mug has a different effect when its hot. Pretty sweet.

What are your tips for staying productive while working from home?

I try to keep on the same schedule I already had when I was commuting. I also close my office door when I’m on a call, minimizing the furry family disruption. So my tips are to adjust your habits but don’t change them and create barriers where needed.

How are you staying connected to your team? To your clients?

A lot of our team and client communication was already done via instant messenger, email, and phone. So in that regard, not much has changed.

How would you manage complex projects with large teams remotely?

That is still a work in progress (and probably always will be). With the constant checking in and communication via the numerous tools we have, staying on top of things is key.

If you had a problem when the rest of your remote team was offline, how would you go about solving it?

First and foremost I would text, call, and/or email. Usually your team is reachable by more than one source. After that, it is simple consideration of whether or not it's after hours. Respecting your teams boundaries between personal life time and work time is important even if home and work currently are in the same context.

What’s your biggest concern about working remotely?

Production is my biggest concern by far. Home has the most possible distractions one could have while working. Fortunately (kind of) I had three deadlines to work on for my first week at home. So production was forced and that started some good habits right from the start.

What would be on your playlist of top 5 go-to songs for work? Have a favorite Spotify playlist for work?

I have playlists but I wouldn’t say I have go-to songs. Lately, I have been listening to jazz in the morning to kick off my days a bit more chill. Later if I am trying to get pumped and be productive, I might kick it over to hard rock or more likely some kind of symphonic metal music…. You heard me… I like epic music.

How do you unwind after working from home?

Don’t have to go far for my happy hour.

How are you staying active?

With the time saved from commuting, I am going on more walks with the dog and jogs around the neighborhood (maintaining proper social distancing from my neighbors).

Any tips for maintaining balance and separating work from home-life?

I am sure that is going to be a challenge for everyone, no matter the strategy you pick. Best thing might be to set daily goals. It gives you a to-do list and more encouragement to work on things rather than be distracted by the things in home-life.

Take a private tour around Kyle's desk!


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