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Meredith England

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Designing for Wellness

Did you have the chance to make it to the AIA Dallas Designing for Wellness learning opportunity presented by COTE?

The presentations were great and very informative. The programs covered: FitWell, WELL and the Living Building Challenge (LBC). I was not as well-versed on the Living Building Challenge; especially the application/differences between Declared, LBC Red List Compliant and LBC Red List Free.

A product’s Declare Label provides you with end-of-life options and a list of ingredients within the product – much like a food label. Additionally, it indicates whether or not the product meets the LBC criteria. Any product that is willing to be transparent can have a Declare Label. In order for a product to be used for the Materials Petal it must be either LBC Red List Compliant or LBC Red List Free.

The final presentation was a case study reviewing a project pursuing LEED v4, WELL and FitWell certification. Using Venn diagrams, the three programs where compared showing differences and similarities – it really helped to visual the comparison. 

If the topic comes around again, I highly recommend it. Looking forward to the next COTE presentation on May 14th!