Congratulations to our ENLACES Exhibitors and Honorees

We are pleased to announce our 2020 ENLACES Honorees and Exhibitors

Thank you to all our 2020 ENLACES exhibitors: Andrea Alvarez; Adriana Garcia; Alejandro Castiello, Assoc. AIA; David Sandoval, AIA; Dennis Chiessa, Assoc. AIA; Edison Calvopina; Eduardo Castaneda, Assoc. AIA; Francisco Barron; Hector Zumalcarregui; Hernan Molina, AIA; Johnny Limones, AIA; Leonardo Sangri; Mariana Santiago; Ricardo Munoz, AIA; Victor Rodriguez; and our jurors, Maria Gomez, AIA; Krista Nightengale; and Rodrigo sole. A special thank you to our keynote speaker, Francisco Gonzalez Pulido! ENLACES continues to showcase the design skills of our Latino architects, promote their projects within our community and beyond, and help build and strengthen our relationships with other design professionals.

ENLACES has opened an opportunity for many Latino architects and designers to showcase their work. In the past years, the exhibit has been displayed at AIA Dallas, the Dallas Center for Architecture, the Latino Cultural Center in Dallas, AIA Austin, the Texas Society of Architects' State Convention in Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin, and the AD EX.

The physical exhibition will be displayed in the AD EX windows in October and is open to travel. For more information, contact us.

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HONOREE: Justice Park | Andrea Alvarez
HONOREE: 24ft^3 | Dennis Chiessa, Assoc. AIA
HONOREE: Casa Cuba | Alejandro Castiello, Assoc. AIA, Leonardo Sangri, Mariana Santiago
Grand Praire City Hall | David Sandoval, AIA
La Casa de Asterion | Dennis Chiessa, Assoc AIA.
Northside Bridge | Eduardo Castañeda, Assoc. AIA
Albuquerque PAC | Eduardo Castañeda, Assoc. AIA
Field Street District | Adriana Garcia, Francisco Barron, Victor Rodriguez
Fetch House | Edison Calvopina, Eduardo Castañeda, Assoc. AIA, Hector Zumalacarregui, Hernan Molina, AIA
POD 2.0 | Johnny Limones, AIA
Elevate | Ricardo Munoz, AIA