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Building Better Communities: Session 1 - City of Dallas

Architects, designers, engineers, and concerned citizens: are you ready for the future? Do you know how to build a better community?

The City of Dallas is evaluating how to build and shape a more equitable, resilient and sustainable city for the future. Other cities – Denton, Plano, Farmers Branch, Austin, San Antonio, Houston - are following suit in joining Dallas as they develop similar plans.

April 12th marks the start of a three-part series Building Better Communities, hosted by AIA Dallas Committee on the Environment. Beginning at the local level, the first part of the series will look at the Dallas Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan (CECAP).  Next we will move to North Texas and the conversations on a regional level, finishing up with a review of other policies on the State level.

Come find out how you – designer, architect, citizen – can support these efforts as we move toward a future with less waste, lower greenhouse gas emissions, cleaner air and water, and more green space for communities to enjoy!

We are also offering a new feature for the BBC series:  if you are pre-registered and have to miss a presentation, a digital copy will be available for viewing. This is such an important series for our city, region and state that we don’t want you to miss out!  We hope you will join us on April 12th! 

For more information and tickets, go to Building Better Communities | Dallas