Trinity Parkway Design Charrette Report
Credit: Trinity Parkway Design Charrette Report

Talk About It

About 8 years ago: Norman A.

As I understand, the plan is for this road to connect between US 183 in the north and S. M. Wright to the south. That configuration will bring crosstown traffic and with it, traffic congestion. That congestion would then be highly visible support for those seeking to build the larger, limited access tollroad. Besides, Mr. Beasley's contention that "...people would be more likely to take advantage of the park’s lakes and recreation areas if they drove through them every day" sounds like a mantra from the car culture that has proven so damaging to our city. The Dream Team recommendations are better, but I don't think they are good enough for Dallas.

AIA Dallas Endorses Dream Team's Parkway Vision

The Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Dallas) has issued the following statement:

AIA Dallas is encouraged by the April 2015 Dream Team Trinity Parkway Design Charrette Report. We find the vision and intent to be in alignment with the core principles of the 2003 Balanced Vision Plan and to substantially address shortcomings we identified in the current Alternative 3C.

AIA Dallas urges the City Council to revoke its support for Alternative 3C and move to withdraw the City/NTTA contract for the Trinity Toll Road.  We support further development and implementation of the Dream Team recommendations and strongly advocate for an oversight body comprised of Dream Team members, local design organizations (including AIA Dallas) and private citizens to ensure that the vision of the Dream Team is faithfully reflected in the design and execution of a Great Trinity Park Parkway.