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Phone: 214-306-7087

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Spec Services is here to help prepare clear, concise, correct, and complete Architectural specifications as well as receive and compile consultant specifications in order to deliver a ready-to-print Project Manual when you need it most. We are also here to support you and your team throughout the Construction Administration process by answering questions on submittals, assisting in the review of substitution requests, and preparing any necessary addenda with the appropriate track changes.

The same principle undergirding Spec Services supports Spec-LAB: we aim to serve. We recognize a deep need in the construction world for simple, bite-sized education that bypasses the painful rites of initiation that have, until this point, been part and parcel of learning how to do your job in this industry. It’s true that great construction education is available out there, and from so many sources. But don’t we so often feel even an hour to be a large sacrifice of time, especially with deadlines hanging over our heads?

We decided to do something about it. The journey has been bumpy along the way, as it always is with worthwhile endeavors. But we believe that we will have succeeded, that it will all have been worth the effort, if your life is made even a little easier through our services to you.