Ron Davis Consulting

3001 Motley Dr. Suite J
Mesquite, TX 75150

Phone: 972-270-3100

Firm Description

Established in May 2007 RON DAVIS CONSULTING is dedicated to assisting architectural and interior design professionals with current accessibility requirements during all phases of the design process.  We also serve with consultation during the project development.  RDC supports construction professionals during the build out, along with property owners and their management teams that are involved, our goal is to insure that accessibility standards are upheld for those that need them most. We focus on doing four things well, we REVIEW, INSPECT, CONSULT, and EDUCATE the design and construction community to the latest in Accessibility Standards that are upheld by TDLR and the ADA.  Our ultimate goal is to insure that EQUAL ACCESS is given to all through good design practices.



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