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ROXUL® Inc. located in Milton, Ontario and Grand Forks, British Columbia and ROXUL USA
Inc. located in Marshall County, Mississippi are subsidiaries of Denmark-based ROCKWOOL
International A/S. ROXUL® offers environmentally friendly and high-performance insulation
solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. ROXUL products provide
superior thermal and acoustical value and are fire resistant, water repellent, non-corrosive
and resistant to mold.

ROXUL insulation is innovative, offering a world of green features. Sustainability is a
fundamental pillar of our philosophy at ROXUL. We are proud to have our products used in
projects targeting LEED® certification, as they can contribute both to energy efficiency and
materials credits. 

ROCKWOOL, the world’s leading producer of Mineral Wool insulation has established the Energy Design Centre (EDC).  Our EDC experts provide Architects, Designers and Specifiers with the tools and services to unlock the energy saving potential of your building design, reaching far beyond insulation.

Our EDC believes that design freedom goes hand-in-hand with sustainability, energy efficiency, durability and resiliency; therefore it is essential that these factors are considered and incorporated in the early design stages of your project.  Whether new construction and/or retrofit, the EDC is committed to supporting you in the early design stage to ensure that you meet the highest energy efficiency requirements without sacrificing your other priorities.

Energy Design Center