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Polytronix Glass is the leading electronic and optical vision glass and film supplier worldwide, based out of Richardson, Texas, USA. We are a specialty, architectural glass company, supplying high quality Polyvision™ Privacy Glass (switchable smart glass and film), PolyMagic™ LED Glass (Transparent LED glass and film), PolyHolo™ Glass (holographic glass and film), PolyFlush™ Glass , PolyRainbow Glass (optical-view glass and film), PolyGlow™ Glass (glow in the dark glass and film) PolyDigit™ display Glass (pixel control transparent LED Glass Technology)  to service customers in more than 85 countries. Polytronix Glass is now manufacturing new architectural and artistic glass products: Polyvision™ Privacy Glass/Film: Custom Switchable Privacy At the flick of a switch, Polyvision™ products become transparent from a dormant, milky-white translucent state. Polyvision™ Glass provides creative design applications for architects and other innovative and practical users. When electricity is applied, the liquid crystal molecules line up, the incident light passes through, and the Polyvision™ film is clear. Polyvision™ products are available in custom sizes and shapes to match your creative designs. Opportunities for use in private client areas, hotel, vehicle, car, yacht, conference rooms, hospitals (nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms), projection displays, residential areas, security windows, and more. When the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented so that light is scattered, and the Polyvision™ film is opaque.

For more information, www.polytronixglass.com