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Firm Description

JQ is a team of engineers, surveyors and project managers providing structural and civil engineering,  geospatial services and facility assessments. We’re not your usual engineering firm. Our team is founded on creative and interpersonal ideals, embracing a levelheaded, can-do mode of operating to bring the client’s and owner’s vision to life. Driven to interact with our clients on a personal level, our approach means a convergence of best-in-class technologyand respectful communication that puts clients at ease--a unique approach for the industry that brings many clients to collaborate for the long haul.

Since 1984, clients have sought JQ’s innovation in design as much as our leadership. Handling the complexities of project management from multiple offices across Texas, JQ serves clients throughout the southern United States. As a group of creative, engaged and people-focused professionals, JQ offers more than access to forward-thinking design and the latest technology--we’re a nimble, resourceful firm renowned for exceeding expectations--whether that’s our firm’s perspective on sustainability, developed long before the term was coined, or our team’s genuine delight in working and playing together in our off-hours.


Civil/Site Survey Engineering, Other, Structural Engineering

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