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4455 Camp Bowie
Suite 210
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Phone: (817) 405-0774

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Gessner Engineering was founded in 2003 by Johanna and Thomas Gessner. The company started with a 14 team member team located at the College Station office and the Construction Materials Testing Lab in Brenham. We attribute our survival then and now to the wonderful team members and clients with whom we have had the good fortune to work. We have had the opportunity to be a part of unique projects which have challenged us and helped us to learn and grow.
In 2015, Jeremy Peters became a partner, having built the civil engineering department and fostered the start of the surveying department. As our team continued to grow we were challenged with the need for definitive values, strategic direction, and our overall purpose. Working toward defining these and roles throughout the firm has led us to the leadership team we are today. 
Our team has grown to over 80 employees, all of whom are taught that their role has influence on the entire firm. We are all leaders, and can positively impact our clients and their projects. We have established a Leadership Development Program that educates our employees on communication, delegation, and self-awareness in order to continuously improve their leadership skills. Our goal is to grow and maintain a group of individuals capable of leading their teams and growing leaders themselves.
We pride ourselves in being a multi-disciplined firm. Offering six service lines gives our Project Managers access to consultants in-house and allows for a seamless transition through project phases as well as a predictable client experience. This process is made more effective by leveraging the strengths of our staff members and placing them in appropriate roles based on these strengths. 
Culture at Gessner Engineering is ‘living our best life’. It is why we exist. 
In practice this means evaluating what we do through the lens of ‘is this allowing us to live our best lives’. And if the answer is no, then we build on what is working and address what is not. 
It is not possible to truly separate your work self and your home self because they are the same person. For this reason we believe that professional success affects personal success. It is why we focus on continuous improvement of our team through leadership development and training. 
We expect all of our team members to be collaborative, solutions minded and take self-initiative. Those that do thrive in the environment we have created. 



Civil/Site Survey Engineering